Ask a Dietitian

Is the Whole 30 challenge healthy for your body and is it safe to make it into a lifestyle?

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The Whole30 diet is a diet that avoids sugar, alcohol, grains and legumes.  It is similar to another diet called the Paleo diet.  For some people, they have used the Whole30 diet as a way to find food intolerances, but many have used the diet for weight loss.

I understand the concept of MyPlate but how does it work with the USDA super tracker? One use visual food group on a plate ( not sure how we accommodate different amount of calories) and the other is just tracking calories and activity level.

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MyPlate was created by the USDA as way to help Americans eat a balance diet.  You may have seen earlier images of the Food Pyramid.  MyPlate is a helpful because most Americans know what a plate looks like.  What MyPlate does is give you a good idea of portions and that half your plate should be vegetables and fruit.

How can I boost my metabolism?

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Metabolism is the chemical reaction that happens in our bodies.  It is usually associated with how many calories we burn.  So the higher the metabolism the more calories we burn, which it turns can help you lose weight and keep it off.  Based on what the science says, here are a few ways to help boost your metabolism:

Is there a concern with eating foods containing preservatives (ex: bread, dried fruit, etc.)?

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are responsible for ensuring the safety of our food.  However, they are not required to review any of the preservatives currently in use that are generally "recognized as safe."  That being said, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, has a list of preservatives/additives that are safe, that you should cut back, and those that should be avoided.