what is the best food to eat that is a fatburnner

Hello and thank you for asking! This is a great question.

Science tells us that food itself does not burn fat. Food is a source of energy – also known as calories – that our bodies need to survive. However, when we eat more food than our body needs for energy it gets stored as fat. That said, there are two key ways to burn fat:

            1. Increasing physical activity

            2. Eating fewer calories

These strategies work best when combined.

First let’s talk about the exercise. It is recommended to do at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week. You’ll know you’re doing aerobic exercise when your heart and breathing are faster than usual and you’re breaking a sweat! The CDC goes into more detail on exercise, calories and burning fat.

Now let’s talk about food! The best way to eat fewer calories to help your body burn fat is by choosing balanced, nutritious foods at every meal, like the recipes found at EatFresh.org. Aim to fill half your plate with vegetables and the rest with whole grains or beans and lean sources of protein like baked chicken breast or fish. Choose low or reduced fat sources of dairy and cook with healthy fats like olive or canola oil. And remember to eat 2-3 servings of fruits a day! The fiber, healthy fats, and protein in these foods help you feel fuller longer, help prevent over eating, and give your body the energy it needs to stay healthy and strong.

EatFresh.org offers helpful tips on how to make exercise and a balanced diet a regular part of your lifestyle to gradually turn your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.