I take metformen to help with sugar. 1 year ago 8.2 A1 c 2 months ago 7.0 Much better. Weight 368 now 297 Blood Pressure 95 / 68. Cholesterol lower by about 40 points below recommendation. Good Cholesterol lowWater walk 2 hrs daily. Diet change

It sounds like your health has been improving, and it's great to hear you are walking daily! Unfortunately, I can't give nutrition advice for medical conditions over the internet. It is best to talk with your doctor about diet changes. There may be a registered dietitian (RD) on staff who you can work with and develop a plan for your diet.

In general, a healthy diet consists of lots of vegetables, some fruit, whole grains, lean proteins (like fish, nuts, and beans), and low-fat dairy. You may want to look at some of our Lifestyle pages on eating the rainbow and eating a balanced diet using MyPlate as a place to start. This information can be a conversation starter between you and your doctor. I wish you the best!