I recently attended a lecture about the importance of consuming enough fiber. The presenter spoke very highly about "wheat berries" and so I bought a pound of them. Unfortunately, none of my cookbooks include recipes using wheatberries. Help!

Hello there!  I am so glad you were able to learn more about fiber and specifically, wheat berries.  I have to admit, wheat berries are not the first whole grain that comes to my mind when adding more fiber in my diet but don't fret!  They are definitely a good source of fiber that can be used many whole grain meals!

A little info about wheat berries:

  • They are a high-fiber, whole wheat grain product.
  • Because they are a whole wheat grain product, they are sometimes a bit dense and can be a bit chewy when cooked.
  • They need a long time to cook.  Definitely read the cooking instructions for the one you bought to cook them properly.
  • They are also good grain to freeze after you cook them!  Cook the grains.  Fluff them with a fork and let them cool.  Transfer to an airtight container and freeze for a month.

As with other whole grain products, you can definitely substitute wheat berries for the grain used in the recipe after you have cooked them.  For example, for this recipe, you'll add the cooked wheat berries instead of the cooked brown rice.  Or use the wheat berries instead of quinoa in this recipe.  

Whole grains are definitely a good source of fiber and this page gives you a good overview of whole grain products.  While this page is a good source of how to add fiber in your diet and where you can find it outside of whole grains.

Lastly, browse through EatFresh.org's recipes for any recipe with whole grains.  Most likely, you can substitute wheat berries for the whole grain ingredient.

Good luck!