I meal prep salads for the week using cabbage because it doesn't wilt easily. Is eating raw cabbage 5 times a week bad for me? If so can you suggest a green to use that doesn't wilt easily?

Hi there!  Thanks for the question and great job prepping meals for the week!  Meal prep is definitely a time-saver and can help when you are eating on a budget.  Good for you!

Now for your question.  Eating raw cabbage 5 times a week isn't bad for you unless you are feeling some negative digestion effects that can happen or if you have a thyroid condition.  Cabbage comes from the same food family as broccoli and cauliflower, the cruciferous family.  Eating these veggies raw can cause bloating and gas in some people.  Raw cabbage also has thyroid inhibitors that can inhibit thyroid function.  I don't want to get into too much detail if this is not an issue but for folks with thyroid conditions, it is best to cook cabbage because it lessens those thyroid inhibitors.

Have you tried kale in your salads?  Kale is related to the cruciferous family.  And just like cabbage, there are so many different varieties!  And it is packed with vitamins and minerals that help with your immune system, help your body heal, help you build muscles and keep your heart strong, help keep your bones strong and so many great healthy benefits.  Try this kale salad as part of your meal prep for the week!

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