I have congestive heart failure and I need to lose weight but its hard. Can you give me some tips on achieving a healthy weight?

Hello there and thank you for sending in your question!

Losing weight can be certainly challenging. To achieve a healthy weight generally requires a balance of healthy eating and physical activity.1 Given your health condition, I unfortunately am unable to provide nutritional advice for you over the internet.

I strongly encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider and ask for a referral to meet with a registered dietitian who can assess your health condition and be able to provide you more guidance on how you can achieve a healthy weight while meeting your nutritional needs.

You are welcome to explore health tips that can help you along the way from our Lifestyle page. Please check with your healthcare provider on what lifestyle changes are safe for you before putting our tips to practice.


Wishing you the best of health!



1. “Keeping a Healthy Body Weight.” American Heart Association. Updated April 24, 2017. Accessed March 3, 2017. https://healthyforgood.heart.org/be-well/articles/keeping-a-healthy-body-weight