Hi, would a variation of the fresh salsa recipe and would like to know if these variations would greatly change the nutritional value of the original recipe. 1. grilling tomatoes and caramelizing onions using no oil or fats. 2. adding fresh mango

Hello there!  I am so glad you like EatFresh.org's Fresh Salsa recipe!  It is an easy and delicious recipe to have with tortilla chips, to dip with other vegetables and to add to burritos, tacos, or pretty much any dish!

And great job creating your own recipe as well!  Adding grilled tomatoes, carmelized onions and/or mangoes will not change the nutritional value greatly.  If anything, what you have done is just added more fiber and some carbohydrates to the dish.  Carmelized onions and mangoes have some natural sugar but that will not change the sugar content too much. 

At EatFresh.org, we list what you can substitute in the recipe if you don't have that ingredient.  However, we love when others add items to the recipes to make it their own!  And your additions sound tasty!

No matter if you keep the recipe as is or add those new ingredients, it is still a healthy dish to enjoy!