Hi Team, I have a big lower FLAB and belly and my BMI is 26 currently. I want to get rid of that FAT around the Belly and the FLAB. I started exercising. I need your help and a table to follow a proper and healthier diet. Kindly Suggest.

I'm glad you are taking steps to living a healthier life! Exercise can help your body in so many ways -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Weight-bearing exercise will help you build muscle too, which will help you achieve your goal.

There are some products and diets on the market that claim to target specific body parts to reduce fat, but unfortunately, that is not how our bodies work. When you reduce the percentage of fat in your body, it is subtracted from all areas of the body, not just one place.

You can continue your path to health by adding more vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean proteins to your diet. Whenever possible, choose whole ingredients instead of processed, packaged food. Another tip for eating healthy is to remember the phrase "eat the rainbow". When you eat a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables, your body will be getting a wide variety vitamins and minerals that it needs to be healthy.

You can find more information about nutrition and healthy eating on our Lifestyle pages here. You can also browse our Meal Plans to find groups of recipes with printable shopping lists to help you save time meal planning and save money.

I wish you the best!