Hi, I have a question for you. I have a customer who is veggitarian so I offered to make her a veggie burger and she mentioned that she didnt eat veggie burgers because the patties are bad for you. What is your opinion in regards to veggie burgers?

Hello there and thank you for the question!

Veggie burgers are burgers that are not made with meat.  There are many varieties in the grocery stores and in restaurants.  There is always two sides to a story so let's look at both sides:


  • Many pre-made and homemade veggie burgers are made with vegetables, whole grains and legumes (black beans, lentils).  These kinds of burgers are definitely packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are all good for you.
  • Many veggies burgers are also lower in calories than a regular burger.  Many of the patties range from 70-130 calories.
  • Because they are already made for you, they are also easy to use and cook up fast.


  • Even though the calories may be low, some of the store-bought veggie burgers may have a high amount of sodium.  So, if you are watching your sodium intake, you may want to check the nutrition label.
  • Some of those store-bought burgers may have a long list of ingredients and preservatives.  Your best bet is to read the ingredients list and choose a veggie burger that has more simple ingredients.

Bottom line:

  • Home made is the best way to go and I understand that this might not be best situation since you run a business.  However, if you have time, this sweet & savory burger might be the answer to your dilemma.  It is vegetarian, delicious and easy to make!

Hope that helps!