Can you break a weight loss plateau by "calorie dumping," or suddenly eating more for a day or 2 to shock the body or is that a myth?

Hello there!

Weight loss plateaus do occur in a lot of people who are losing weight.  You may have been losing weight by eating healthy and becoming more active.  After a while, you are feeling "stuck" at a certain weight.  One theory is that your body may be comfortable at that set weight.  Another is that your body has got used to the routine you probably have set on your weight loss journey and your metabolism has adjusted to the calories and the activity.  There are a few ways to get pass the plateau.

  • Since you are losing weight, your metabolism changes and you may not need as many calories as before.  Re-check the amount of food you are eating.
  • Check the foods you are currently eating.  Choosing high quality foods like vegetable, beans and foods high in fiber are great choices to keep you full and can help you burn fat.
  • If you active, try changing up your exercise routine for a bit.  If you have been doing the same exercise day in and day out, your muscles gets used to that routine and that excerise may not be as effective as it used to be.  If walking is your way of being active, try adding some stair climbs to your walk, or jogging for minute intervals while you walk.  By doing so, you are revving up your metabolism.
  • Lastly, believe it or not, try to get a good night's sleep.  Sleep is an important to weight-loss because it can lower the effects of stress hormones.  When your body is stressed, it wants to hold on to those extra weight, especially in your stomach region.  Here's a great page to help you get a good night' sleep.  

Hope this helps!