Are Clif bars good for weight loss?

Hi there and thank you for your question!

Clif Bars are packed with calories and easily digestable carbohydrates.  These are great if you are going for a long hike, run, a challenging workout, or bike ride.  Clif Bar was created originally for athletes and for active people, but many people eat them as a snack or even as a sweet treat.

Sugar, or some form of sugar (ie syrup)  is one of the first ingredients in many of the ClifBars.  Because these bars are used for quick energy, the high carbohydrate intake is good.  However, if you are trying to lose weight by eating ClifBars, I would recommend replacing it with more whole foods that can you keep you full, like a handful of nuts paired with fruit.  This combination will give you the carbohydrates to fuel your energy and the protein in the nuts to sustain that energy.

This page is a great resource on tips to lose weight.  Also, definitely browse through to get some healthy and well-balanced snacks and meals.

Hope that helps!